Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the labour market in South Africa

Lockdown Level 4 – Here is what you need to know to be compliant

Considering opening your doors during level 4 of lockdown? Be sure to comply with all the requirements. We highlight some here. Please contact us for the full requirements applicable to your organization.

And remember that we offer a free initial consultation to SME’s during this time.

In addition to essential services, permitted services are also allowed to open for business. Please note that this does not include all businesses and we urge you to check whether you fall into this category or not (see table 1 of the Regulations).

What does this mean for Employers

  • Your company must conduct a workplace plan prior to opening for business. This workplace plan must include a risk assessment and what steps the company will take to ensure compliance with the additional regulations and requirements during this time.
  • Some additional requirements include:
    • Conducting an additional risk assessment
    • Appointment of a Compliance Officer
    • Screening of employees
    • Provision of sanitisers to employees free of charge
    • Provision of masks to employees free of charge
What does this mean for Employers
  • Employers will be held to account on the regulations, although Employers with 10 or less employees will have a far less onerous set of rules than employers with bigger staff capacity.
  • Employers are required to report any cases of COVID19 and investigate the cause thereof (if in the workplace).
  • Employers must issue each employee with a permit which will allow them to return to their workplace.
  • Employers must observe all regulations especially the directives regarding social distancing and sanitary measures.

Employer’s obligations in terms of screening

  • Prior to entering the workplace, and during their presence at the workplace, employees must be screened for specifically:
    • Fever
    • Sore throat
    • Cough
    • Shortness of breath
    • Redness of eyes
  • Employees who show any of these symptoms must be referred for testing and not be allowed in the workplace.

Every worker is obliged to comply with measures introduced by their employer as required by the Directives as well as to inform the Employer if they are not feeling well and their symptoms.

This suggests that disciplinary action may be taken against employees who do not comply or follow the internal rules.

How can we help Employers?

  • Provide a full breakdown of all the requirements in terms of the directives;
  • Conduct the obligatory risk assessment for your company;
  • Draft and implement the risk assessment and COVID-19 policies; and
  • Help establish a OHS committee as per the regulations.

We have prepared some COVID-19 related templates in Microsoft Word (.docx) format which you can request by clicking on the button below

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