Benefits of Performance Management

Benefits of Performance Management

When properly designed and implemented, performance management techniques and processes enable an organisation to monitor, manage and improve strategy execution and the delivery of results. Performance management is therefore one of the most critical factors in an organisation’s success, and the ability to successfully manage performance is the single most important skill for leaders and managers.

What is Performance Management?

It is a continuous process packed with objectives, feedback, and coaching to ensure that goals are met. This ongoing process explores how to get the job done in ways that best meet the working needs of the individual, the team, and the organisation as a whole. It is all about working with people to help them reach their optimum potential through planning and monitoring.

The Performance Management Cycle

It’s important to remember that performance management is an ongoing cycle rather than a once off meeting. By ensuring the cycle is continuous, team members will feel valued and also have the tools that they need to do their job properly.

The Performance Management Cycle

Challenges to implementing continuous Performance Management Programs

Challenges to implementing continuous Performance Management Programs

If not done correctly, performance management programs may:

create a negative experience
be time consuming
Expose managers’ natural biases
lead to a stressful workplace

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Benefits to continuous Performance Management

Highlights training needs
Introducing more frequent reviews, whether formal or informal, can help to better understand the skill set of employees.
Boosts morale
Everyone likes being told they’re doing a good job. Performance reviews provide the perfect setting to formalise and document praise. Recognition helps employees receive balance of positive to negative feedback. A little unexpected appreciation can go a long way.
Goal setting and revising
Every employee needs a clear understanding of expectations for their work.
Management and coaching
Improved employee performance and engagement is a result of consistent feedback and coaching. It’s common to hire for potential and not experience, so providing the proper training and development programs that address performance and skill gaps is necessary.
Development planning
Employees need regular, quality feedback on their performance and specific details on how they can improve. Once skill gaps are identified, employees have clear insight into the skills they need to develop if they wish to progress in their career.

How can we help Employers?

  • Assess the organisation holistically and draft a performance management plan for the organisation
  • Facilitate performance management workshops and training
  • Create best standard performance management policies
  • Reassess employee benefits in relation to performance management objectives
  • Develop clear job descriptions
  • Assist with poor performance management as required

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