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BizArmour Values A

Business and risk strategies

Focus on your core business while we focus on the bigger picture

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Legal compliance and risk management

Navigate the legal minefield with us as your GPS

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Human Capital Affairs

Ensuring your employees are also your assets

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Providing professional, discreet, ethical and thorough investigation services

Business and risk strategies

Focus on your core business while we focus on the bigger picture

Business strategy consulting

Business strategy consulting – protect your business’ success

Strategic thinkers will make strategic decisions who will add an extra dimension to the success of your company. A business needs to be considered holistically for any strategy to be achieved. Where operation occurs in silos, strategy will suffer. With fifteen years’ experience in business strategy, we can teach you and your organisation this and many other strategic lessons.

Risk management

Risk management – turn risks into opportunities

There will always be risks to any business. The business itself will determine what its appetite is for what type of risk, but it is imperative to manage risk. With our team’s legal dexterity we are able to identify legal risks, while our business proficiency contributes to ensuring that the business’ reputational and brand risks are also taken into consideration. When recommending a course of action, we always remember the impact of a situation on the people involved. All of these combined puts us in a unique position to view risks as opportunities and allow your organisation to manage them appropriately.

Corporate governance

Corporate governance – protect your stakeholders

Directors have rights and responsibilities, so do shareholders. We ensure that all parties are aware of these rights and corresponding responsibilities to ensure that a business will focus on its profitability without compromise. We provide company secretarial services, board services and training to board members.

Mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions – grow your business while protecting your interests

Whether you are buying, selling or merging, it can be a tough road. Don’t let the excitement of the deal affect your logic, let our experts deal with the nuts and bolts to ensure a smooth transition. We deal with the entire process, including change management between the different cultures.

Legal compliance audits

Legal compliance audits – making sure you’re on the right side of the law

With so many developments on the legal front, are you sure that your company is fully compliant? From the latest on employment equity to conformance with the protection of personal information, we know what the requirements are and offer support to any organisation to ensure that it complies with legislation. We always stay abreast of the latest developments within the legal field so you don’t have to. We offer intro audits to show you the gaps and provide a roadmap of implementing strategies that will not only bring your company to compliance, but also benefit your organisation in the process.

Protection of personal information

Protection of personal information – compliance without the burden

With the promulgation of this legislation, many companies in South Africa are not quite prepared for its implementation and it could become quite onerous on the organisation. Our expertise in this field, through dealing with similar laws in the European Union (GDPR, Data Protection) will assist your company in ensuring that the implementation of POPI is completed with no pain and the minimum effort from your organisation. We offer a full consulting solution for the implementation or a training course where your staff will be enabled to take care of the implementation in-house.

Litigation support

Litigation support – protecting your interests

Our litigation department offers assistance with litigation requirements with a strong focus on commercial and labour matters. We file court applications and act as counsel in all litigation, including arbitration. Our team also has decades of experience in labour matters, including CCMA cases and all aspects around disciplinaries, such as acting or training of chairpersons, overseeing the process and reviewing the substantive and procedural fairness.


BBBEE – reap the rewards of diversity

How do we deal with the inequalities of the past and how will we deal with the inequalities of the present? Is BBBEE only another tick box for your company or does the strategy you follow deliver business results? We offer BBBEE strategic workshops to enable your organisation to reap the rewards that diversity can offer. From explaining the pillars of the BBBEE legislation to identifying opportunities, we will show you how BBBEE compliance can benefit every organisation.

Social & ethics committees

Social & ethics committees

Large companies are legally required to have a Social & Ethics Committee. It is an often misunderstood portfolio and with our experience and expertise in this field, we can facilitate the implementation of such a committee with its charter and provide training and guidance to its members as to its mandate and role within the organisation.

Alternative dispute resolution

Alternative dispute resolution – how to stay out of court

Our CEO is a panellist at AFSA (Arbitration Foundation of South Africa) and a qualified arbitrator. She has handled mediations for various commercial, labour and family matters, conducted formal and informal arbitrations and can aid your organisation in resolving disputes amicably. We also provide training on “how to stay out of court”.

Human capital affairs

Ensuring your employees are also your assets

Internship programmes

Internship programmes – protecting our country’s future

An internship is work experience offered by an organisation for a limited period. BizArmour invests in the future and in developing tomorrow's business leaders for its clients. An Internship provides a business with qualified resources at reasonable cost to support experienced staff by lightening their load. Internships can also be funded through a SETA, which would assist with an organisation’s employment equity efforts and BBBEE compliance.

Succession planning

Succession planning – protect the future of your business

Through a process of identifying and developing incumbent leaders to replace current leaders should they leave, retire or pass away, succession planning increases the availability of experienced and capable employees that are prepared to assume these roles as they become available. Succession planning puts this personnel pipeline in place. By mapping internal talent and future needs, you can set a course to develop your employees accordingly.


Recruitment – finding the best talent

BizArmour specialises in assisting clients with all their recruitment needs including executive search, contingency based recruitment and response handling. BizArmour can recruit at all levels from CEO to PA, interns and learners and still provide the client with a unique and individual service. We pride ourselves on our reputation for excellence.

Transformation strategies and diversity plans

Transformation strategies and diversity plans – working together

The new South Africa and its rainbow nation has been here for over twenty years. Yet, the integration of all demographics remain challenging. We offer diversity training, transformation workshops and work with your staff to overcome any obstacles or boundaries remnant from the past.

Employee relations

Employee relations – be a fair employer

In the ever-changing legislative environment in South Africa’s labour field, it is important to stay up to date. No company wants to be involved in disciplinary action or severance negotiations, but often it
cannot be avoided. We will provide you with the right policies and lead you through the process of any hearings or other processes ensuring you remain on the right side of the law.

Industrial relations

Industrial relations – disagree agreeably

Besides our expertise in manoeuvring the minefield of industrial relations, we also offer a training course which will teach you how to engage in an adversarial situation without becoming adversaries. We recommend that this course is jointly attended by company and union representatives in the aim of levelling the playing field and negotiating constructively.

Employment equity

Employment equity – embrace the change

The legal framework in South Africa prescribes the requirements of Employment Equity in the Employment Equity Act. We assist your business by educating and equipping employment equity committees and assisting with the drafting of the mandated plans and the implementation thereof within organisations.


Providing professional, discreet, ethical and thorough investigation services

Forensic and due diligence investigations

Forensic and due diligence investigations

Our experience includes 20 years’ experience in the SAPS, detective, anti-corruption, criminal and fraud investigation units. In addition, we have the financial expertise to analyse accounting transactions for any irregularities and the compliance framework to measure any findings within a legal context.

Disciplinary investigations

Disciplinary investigations

Where a company suspects an employee of an offence, our team will discreetly investigate any filed grievances or complaints in order to ascertain the correct strategy. A full report will be made available to the
company with recommendations of a course of action.

Background investigations

Background investigations

As and when a company requires, background checks can be conducted. These will include qualification verification, reference checks, employment history confirmation and confirmation of physical address. Credit checks and criminal checks may also be performed with an employee’s consent.