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POPIA - 8 Principles

Compliance with the POPIA (protection of personal information act) is based around the 8 principles described in the legislation.
This video aims to explain these principles.

Working From Home

Working from home may seem simple. Have you considered some of the pitfalls? Let us help you to expertly manoeuvre your way through risky territory. For more technical tips on a work-from-home strategy:


Flirty Richard

Is consent a defence for sexual misconduct? In this case study we investigate this.

Average Joe

When someone performs poorly, is the employer entitled to withhold their salary? In this case study we look at Average Joe who performed poorly and the consequences thereof.

Hasty Harold

Resignation with immediate effect. Does an employer have any rights when an employee tenders their resignation with immediate effect? We look at a case study to investigate this.

Lockdown Health & Safety Regulations

Fake Florence

What happens when an employee lies on their CV? This case study looks at that question and the consequences for employees.

Succession Planning

Why do we need succession planning? Everyone in our organisation is so young, why do we need to talk about succession planning? Who does succession planning apply to? Let's take a look at a case study to explore the answers to these questions.


Is a director bound by a surety after resigning from the company? What if the director didn't read the surety before signing it? We look at a case study to explore the answers to these questions.

Letting Go - Part 1

Termination of the employment contract
The South African context of how an employment contract can be terminated.


Letting Go - Part 2

Dismissal for misconduct
Common mistakes by employers when dismissing an employee for misconduct.


Letting Go - Part 3

Dismissal for Incapacity
We discuss common mistakes made by employers when dismissing an employee for incapacity. Incapacity also includes dismissal for poor performance.



C19 TERS is a special benefit created under the Unemployment Insurance Fund to cater for situations where it will not be economically possible to pay employees as a consequence of the lockdown.



What is a retrenchment? It is a dismissal based on the employer’s operational requirements. Operational requirements may include the employer’s economic, technological, structural or similar needs.


Proactive Risk Management

What is proactive risk management? This video explains it and also tells you about the services we offer at BizArmour.